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导语: 十年寒窗,开出芬芳;十年磨剑,努力未变;十年坚守,成功守候。十年的风雨兼程奋力追逐,让梦想现实的时刻。祝努力备考,金榜题名,考入理想院校。以下是课后学习网为大家整理的 《考博英语辅导:考博英语阅读练习三篇》供您查阅。
第一篇  chinese output set to depress steel valuations steel company valuations are poised for a fall as increased chinese output is cutting its reliance on imported supplies.
  china, for long the main driver of surging demand, is making more of its own steel, causing a potential excess of supply in other parts of the world.
  shares in bluescope, australia''s biggest steel company, dropped 15 per cent on friday after it warned that profits this year would drop sharply due to higher steel production from china spilling into world markets, especially in asia.
  shares in thyssenkrupp of germany fell, along with other steel companies such as the anglo-dutch corus and luxembourg''s arcelor, as investors reasoned that the bluescope warning could have repercussions for steelmakers globally.
  last month ulrich middelmann, deputy chairman of thyssenkrupp was complaining about the high price of many metals companies.
  now, however, he may be cheered by the fact that some of the steelmakers he might be keen to purchase would soon start to look more affordable.
  after a recent spate of consolidation in the industry, many steelmakers are looking at acquisitions.
  large groups such as arcelor and mittal steel have snapped up smaller companies to give themselves more power to dictate prices.
  after doubling in many markets in the previous three years, average prices for steel fell in the first six months of this year. however, they have edged up in recent weeks, helped by an increase in manufacturers'' stocks in the us.
  that trend now looks almost certain to go into reverse in the next six months, even though the fall in prices seems unlikely to be dramatic.
  the biggest culprit for the likely price decline is higher production in china which is not being matched by stronger internal demand. as a result, according to cru, net imports into china of steel sheet an important indicator for the industry will fall from 23m tonnes in 2003 to 6.5m tonnes next year and 4.2m tonnes in 2007.
  the likely fall in steel exports from other countries into china does not look all that great but it promises to be enough to influence global pricing trends.
  德国的蒂森克虏伯(thyssenkrupp)股票与英荷哥鲁氏(anglo-dutch corus)、卢森堡阿塞洛(arcelor)等企业股票的价格相继下跌,因为投资者认为,bluescope的预警可能会对全球钢铁业产生影响。
  蒂森克虏伯副董事长乌尔里希?米德曼(ulrich middelmann)上月抱怨说,许多金属企业价格很高。
  阿塞洛和米塔尔钢铁(mittal steel)等大型集团已收购一些较小的企业,以使自己得到更大的定价能力。
  surging n.浪涌,冲击
  potential adj.潜在的,可能的,势的,位的
  reasoned adj.详尽论述的,理由充分的
  consolidation n.巩固,合并
  acquisition n.获得,获得物
  dictate v.口述,口授,使听写,指令,指示,命令,规定
  dramatic adj.戏剧性的,生动的
  influence n.影响,感化,势力,有影响的人(或事), (电磁)感应
第二篇  china reins in economic expansion china's growth in fixed-asset investment and its money supply slowed considerably in august, providing firm evidence that the government's tightening measures were reining in the country's rapid economic expansion.
  urban fixed-asset investment in august rose 21.5 per cent compared with a year ago, a marked slowdown from the 30.5 per cent expansion from january through july and the slowest for a single month since december 2004. m2, the broad indicator for money supply, rose 17.9 per cent last month compared with 18.4 per cent in july and june.
  china's economy has been growing at a record pace, expanding by 11.3 per cent in the second quarter. beijing officials and many economists are concerned that such growth rates are not sustainable in the longer term.
  the latest economic data, which were released by qiu xiaohua, commissioner of china's national bureau of statistics, suggest beijing has been able to control excessive lending and investment to sectors such as real estate that are especially at risk of overheating.
  beijing is using a combination of monetary and administrative controls in its attempts to moderate growth. since late april, china's central bank has twice raised benchmark lending rates and bank reserve requirements. yesterday it also mopped up a record rmb225bn ($28.3bn) in its regular open market operations.
  su ning, the deputy central bank governor, said this week at an international conference in beijing that the country's money supply was slowing dramatically as a result of these measures.
  at the same time, china's leaders are trying to control unnecessary production - for instance by limiting land rights and enforcing environmental standards in key industries such as steel, cement and automobiles.
  beijing is also worried about overlending to urban property projects, including residences, offices and industrial parks, and the threat it could lead to artificially high prices and excess supply.
  while trying to temper credit and investment growth, beijing is also attempting to stimulate consumer spending, since it believes a strong middle class will be a key driver of future growth.
  china's statistics body said august retail sales were up 13.8 per cent, a rate consistent with that of the previous two months. demand for oil products, jewellery, automobiles and building has been particularly strong.
  中国国家统计局(national bureau of statistics)局长邱晓华发布的最新经济数据显示,中国政府能够控制对房地产等行业的过渡放贷和投资,这些行业尤其存在过热风险。
  investment n.投资,可获利的东西
  evidence n.明显,显著,明白,迹象,根据, [物]证据,证物
  indicator n.指示器, [化]指示剂
  sustainable adj.可以忍受的,足可支撑的,养得起的
  excessive adj.过多的,过分的,额外
  dramatically adv.戏剧地,引人注目地
  artificially adv.人工
  credit n.信任,信用,声望,荣誉, [财务]贷方,银行存款
  previous adj.在前的,早先的
第三篇  passage nine(holmes' knowledge)
  his ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing. upon my quoting thomas carlyle, he inquired in the naivest way who he might be and what he had done. my surprise reached a climax, however, when i found incidentally that he was ignorant of the copernican theory and of the composition of the solar system.
  you appear to be astonished, holmes said, smiling at my expression. now that i do know it i shall do my best to forget it. you see, i consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose: a fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has difficulty in laying his hand upon it. it is a mistake to think that the little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. depend upon it, there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you know before. it is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.
  but the solar system! i protested.
  what the deuce is it to me? he interrupted impatiently.
  one morning, i picked up a magazine from the table and attempted to while away the time with it, while my companion munched silently at his toast. one of the articles had a pencil mark at the heading, and i naturally began to run my eye through it.
  its somewhat ambitious title was the book of life, and it attempted to show how much an observant man might learn by an accurate and systematic examination of all that came in his way. it struck me as being a remarkable mixture of shrewdness and of absurdity. the reasoning was close and intense, but the deduction appeared to me to be far-fetched and exaggerated. the writer claimed by a momentary expression, a twitch of a muscle or a glance of an eye, to fathom a man's inmost thought. deceit, according to him, was impossibility in the case of one trained to observation and analysis. his conclusions were as infallible as so many propositions of euclid. so startling would his results appear to the uninitiated that until they learned the processes by which he had arrived at them they might well consider him as a necromancer.
  from a drop of water, said the writer, a logician could infer the possibility of an atlantic. so all life is a great chain, the nature of which is known whenever we are shown a single link of it. like all other arts, the science of deduction and analysis is one which can be acquired by long and patient study, nor is life long enough to allow any mortal to attain the highest possible perfection in it.
  this smartly written piece of theory i could not accept until a succession of evidences justified it.
  1. what is the author's attitude toward holmes?
  2. what way did the author take to stick out holmes' uniqueness?
  [a]by deduction.
  [b]by explanation.
  [c]by contrast.
  [d]by analysis.
  3. what was the holmes' idea about knowledge-learning?
  [a]learning what every body learned.
  [b]learning what was useful to you.
  [c]learning whatever you came across.
  [d]learning what was different to you.
  4. what did the article mentioned in the passage talk about?
  [a]one may master the way of reasoning through observation.
  [b]one may become rather critical through observation and analysis.
  [c]one may become rather sharp through observation and analysis.
  [d]one may become practical through observation and analysis.


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